Listing your Notist events with 11ty / the events / try it yourself

Get a copy to tinker with

This is just an example site showing an how to list your past and future talks which you've listed on Notist.

This site is generated by static site generator called Eleventy and serves the content that it finds at a given JSON feed.

Give it a try

You can get your own version of this site by just clicking the button below, and then providing a the URL of suitable JSON URL (or leaving it as the default while you explore).

👆 Ummm... What will clicking that button do?

Fair question. After clicking the button, Netlify will ask for your permission to clone the repo for this site into your own GitHub account, and then create a new site for you in Netlify linked to that repo.

It will also ask for a Notist feed to ingest at build time (get yours from Notist or it will just default to this one which is Phil's)

Then it will build and deploy a new site for you, complete with hosting and continuous deployment all configured.

The whole thing should take less than a minute!